One Day Races

These races are all stages in the KR255, but perhaps you can’t take the whole week off. That’s OK, check out these options for one day racers!


Lee County River Dash

  • Location: Beattyville, KY to Heidelberg, KY

  • Host: Lee County Tourism

  • Date: 9.16.2019 

  • Start: 0830

  • Race length: 6 Miles

Race Overview: The Lee County River Dash is a one day race that traverses a portion of the beautiful Daniel Boone National Forest through Lee County. Starting under the bridge in Beattyville, Racers will paddle, down to the park in Heidelberg. Go fast, or just float and have fun, we don’t care. Extend your weekend, and come paddle and party with us on Monday.

Frankfort to Fallis Kentucky River Marathon

  • Location: Frankfort, KY to Blue Wing Landing

  • Host: Visit Frankfort and Blue Wing Landing

  • Date: 9.20.2019

  • Start: 1100

  • Race length: 34 miles

Race Overview: The Frankfort to Fallis Kentucky River Marathon is perfect way to get a taste of long distance Kentucky River paddling if you can’t take the whole week off for the KR255. This 34 mile marathon race is also a stage in the 255 and includes a timed portage or SLOW trip through lock 3. The finish, at historic Blue Wing Landing, will also have a gathering for racers in this race, as well as 255 paddlers and the support and staff for all events.

The Carrollton Crush or Cruise

  • Location: Lock 1 to the Point Park

  • Host: Carrollton Tourism

  • Date: 9.21.2019 

  • Start: 1500

  • Race length: 4 miles

Race Overview: The Carrollton Crush or Cruise is a little paddle with big fun. Come go as fast as you can for 4 miles, or take your time and relax. Either way, there is no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon in the fall in Kentucky. Come paddle alongside the racers from the KR255 as they finish their epic journey, and join in the festivities afterwards at Point Park.